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2013 HR Hurdles Webinar

HR 101 – The Fundamentals of an HR Management Strategy

Join us as we explore the top ten fundamentals of Human Resources Management that all organizations should be mindful of regarding their employment practices. We will examine each of the ten practices that have made the list as well as best practice approaches.

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The Alphabet Soup of Leave Administration in the Workplace

FMLA, ADAA, WC, DBL – oh my! With such an alphabet soup, what is an employer to do?  Join us as we discuss the various requirements, pitfalls and helpful hints when dealing with leaves and disabilities in the workplace.  And, it’s not just for the larger employer as we will deal with issues of which all employers should be aware whether covered by the FMLA or not!

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Payroll Best Practices – How to Avoid Common Pitfalls and Stay in Compliance

Join us as we discuss the intricate parts of payroll to help your organization stay in compliance. In this hour long webinar, we will discuss regulatory issues, methods and timing of pay, permitted and prohibited deductions from wages, documentation and record retention.

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