Alcott Celebrates 25 Years

Alcott HR Group, one of the nation’s leading Professional Employer Organizations is celebrating its 25th year in business. What Alcott has done to help growing businesses succeed has, in turn, contributed to its own growth and longevity. In fact, not only is Alcott celebrating its 25th year in business, but they are also announcing the expansion of their Western New York office. For Alcott co-founders President Louis Basso and Executive Vice President Barry Shorten, their company’s sustainability and steady growth over two and half decades are a testament to their own corporate values, employment practices, policies and procedures, as well as their industry’s maturation.

“Barry and I have always held that if our business model was one in which we were assuming responsibility for another company’s human resources and the related risks, we had to make certain Alcott was adhering to the highest standards,” said Basso. “Being good wasn’t good enough. We had to strive for optimum performance. If that meant helping the industry develop higher standards, we did what it took to drive that goal.”

Basso took a leadership role from the start in the PEO industry, advocating for higher standards, and regulations to assure that organizations calling themselves PEOs would meet certain standards of fiscal integrity, sound infrastructure and operational ethics.

Additionally, Alcott has followed a course of continuous self-improvement. As one of the more active PEOs in the nation, Alcott became one of the first PEOs to be registered in New York and among the first to earn the prestigious E.S.A.C ( certification — the PEO industry equivalent of what the FDIC is to the banking industry. To achieve and maintain certification, Alcott has to continuously meet stringent financial, professional and ethical standards.

Alcott has also always applied leading-edge information technologies (IT) and roll-outs of new offerings to enhance its services to its clients and their worksite employees. It has assumed the role of “educator” hosting regular seminars and webinars on timely HR and workplace-related topics. All of Alcott’s educational programs are designed to help business owners and their management teams maintain a compliant workplace to avoid unnecessary risks and liabilities.

“There is no simple formula for succeeding in business, but there are some basic principles,” said Shorten. “Stay engaged with your customers, advocate for them, continue to add more value to the relationship with market-responsive offering and services, and always allow integrity to drive your business decisions. That philosophy is the foundation of Alcott’s 25-year milestone.”

Over the past 25 years, Alcott has ranked among the New York region’s Top 50 Privately-Owned Companies, 25 Fastest-Growing Private Companies, and Top 100 Private Companies. The company is also a two year in a row recipient of the “Alfred P. Sloane Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility.”

Currently, Alcott serves more than 300 companies and their 4,000 employees located throughout the United States including foreign-owned companies in Canada and South America who have established U.S.-based operations.


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