Our European Team

Alcott HR Europe is led, staffed and advised by individuals who are committed to our core values and our clients’ success. Each team member brings a unique educational background and life experience that complements the group as a whole. Most individuals have worked and/or studied abroad and all bring unwavering commitment to client satisfaction with everything they do.

Mark de Vries
“Mark is a dynamic international business leader who measures
success by the increase in his clients’ market share
and business in Europe.”

Mark De Vries is the Sr. Advisor of Strategic Business Development and heads up the offices of Alcott HR Europe in the Netherlands. Mark oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, supporting marketing and business development work for more than 150 U. S. companies in Europe. Mark specializes in the medical, consumer and industrial markets in the areas of international business development, international trade, mergers and acquisitions, international staffing and human resources, European market development and lead generation.

Mr. de Vries has also served as an international trade advisor and as a member of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in the United States. He attended Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim studying international marketing.

Frans Wtenweerde

In the position of CFO, Frans is responsible for financial administration, tax administration, legal and insurance administration and personnel administration (including salary administration) for all Alcott HR Europe clients.  Additionally, he is responsible for financial and fiscal administration of all Alcott HR Europe entities and optimization of their cash flow and working capital. Mr. Wtenweerde achieved a bachelor’s degree in finance.

Alieke van Zuthem
“Offering exceptional opportunities for organizational growth in Europe as well as the United States.”

As Sales and Marketing Manager of Alcott HR Europe, Alieke is responsible for interacting with U.S. organizations and assessing their needs in terms of human resources, administration and consultancy services for supporting their European operations.

Alieke has eight years of international business development experience and has brought a variety of U.S. companies to the European market to develop their sales and marketing organizations.

She has a bachelor’s in international business and languages from Windesheim University and holds an MBA as an alumnus of the NCOI Business School.


Heleen Klein Horsman

As a Marketing Coordinator, Heleen is instrumental in creating, coordinating and executing the marketing actions to reach U.S. companies developing their business in Europe. She is in charge of the marketing of Alcott HR Europe and is the first contact for US companies interested in our services in Europe.

Heleen worked as a management trainee at a leading retail chain in the Netherlands. She studied at the University of Groningen, got her bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management and her Master’s degree in International Business and Management with a specialization in emerging markets. In addition, she gained international experience by working, living and studying abroad amongst other in Thailand, South Africa and Aruba.


Paulien Olde Bijvank

Paulien is an experienced HR Manager with over 10 years expertise in operational, tactic and strategic HR positions.

She worked for commercial businesses as well as large NGO’s and also has done a lot of HR consultancy assignments for SME’s.

Paulien holds an MSC degree from TiasNimbas Business School in Management & Organization and has a bachelor degree in HR business administration.


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