Alcott HR Names Allie Lopes as Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Alcott HR recently announced the appointment of  Allie Lopes as Human Resources Administrative Assistant. Allie will be responsible for assisting the company’s Benefits, Administration, Human Resources and Risk Management Departments in areas such as: open enrollment procedures, benefit letters, client visits requiring Spanish language skills,  COBRA terminations, answering client and employee inquiries, collecting enrollment forms, performing […]

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Alcott HR Announces the Appointment of Marilyn Angello, PHR as Human Resources Specialist

Alcott HR recently announced  the appointment of Marilyn Angello, PHR as Human Resources Specialist. Marilyn will be responsible for developing, coordinating, executing and maintaining all areas of account management, encompassing payroll, benefits administration and risk management. Additionally, she will be assisting Alcott HR’s client with HR recommendations, updates on regulatory developments, and various covering an employee’s […]

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Alcott HR Team Crosses the Finish Line at Central Nassau Guidance & Counseling Services, Inc.’s Barbara Bartell Memorial 5K Runday          

Alcott HR once again put up a team to run in “The Barbara Bartell Memorial 5K Runday,” an annual event of Central Nassau Guidance & Counseling Services, Inc.  The company also served as a sponsor again. This year’s event took place on Saturday, May 24, 2014. The 3.1 mile U.S.A. Track and Field sanctioned run […]

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Alcott HR Awards Adelphi University Student a $2,700 Scholarship

Alcott HR recently rewarded a student from Adelphi University with a $2,700 scholarship. It is the third annual scholarship awarded by the company which launched its scholarship two years ago to commemorate its 25th anniversary. Alcott HR has been increasing its scholarship award by $100 to reflect its years in business. This year’s winner is Bianca Iaquinta […]

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Interns – To Pay or Not To Pay

At this time of year many of you may be considering having interns in your organization.  It is important to understand the regulations surrounding the use of interns, as this is a topic of particular interest to the Department of Labor given the violations they uncovered in the entertainment industry recently. The first question you […]

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Best Practices for Internal Communications

A business’ employees are its best ambassadors. How management engages with its employees factors directly into how well employees will fulfill their role as ambassadors for the organization. A building block of employee engagement is internal communications. It is as important to have a strategy for internal communications as it is for customer communications. First, […]

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Know the Best Ways to Communicate with Your Customers

One of the most important aspects of a business’ customer relationships is communication.  Unfortunately, poor communication is all too common in business. Here are some of the top culprits: Failing to determine and establish customer expectations. No policy in place to address customer complaints. Sending too many unnecessary communications. Sending communications that require too much […]

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Help Wanted: How To Hire In Europe

Hiring in Europe requires a fair amount of preparation and it’s advisable not to go at it blind. This whitepaper explains the process of hiring in Europe and contains subjects such as setting up an employment contract and the various HR perspectives across Europe. With a little research, you too can enjoy a smooth an […]

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Whitepaper: An Etiquette Primer For Americans Doing Business In Europe

This whitepaper is concerned with the etiquette primer for Americans while doing business in Europe. Furthermore it contains subjects like the dress code, business interactions, titles and introductions, the language, organizational structure and philosophy, differences of options, meetings and dining. There are some rules and standards of etiquette in Europe that are puzzling to Americans […]

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National Employee Appreciation Day

March 7, 2014 is National Employee Appreciation Day, an annual day that aims to draw attention to honoring employees for their contributions to the success of the organization. Employee recognition should not be confined to only one day and as we approach this annual day of recognition, Alcott HR thought that we would share some […]

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