Dawn Davidson Drantch Receives Moxxie Network’s Mentor of the Year Award

Dawn Davidson Drantch, Director of Employee Relations and Counsel has been awarded Moxxie Network’s “Mentor of the Year” award. Her mentee, Paula Scuharski a student at C.W. Post College of the Long Island University, was the “Mentee of the Year” winner. Both women received “Purple Pump Awards” — a version in solid chocolate along with a Swarovski purple-jeweled pin — to acknowledge their achievements.

Moxxie Network is a Long Island-based women’s business community comprised of women and girls from 8 to 70 years old. The mentor award is an outgrowth of the organization’s Mentor Program, which began in January 2010, and was designed to help young female college students learn how to network and gain skills that would help them in their future job search and business career.

“I am acutely aware of how certain people throughout my life have profoundly affected the decisions I’ve made and the direction I’ve taken,” said Ms. Davidson Drantch when asked what prompted her to become a mentor. “I wanted to be able to positively affect another young woman’s life the way I have been affected because some things they just don’t teach you in school. It is always beneficial to be able to have a relationship with someone who has been there and done that.”

The Mentor Program involved 15 mentors (Moxxie members) and 15 mentees (Junior Moxxie members). Through the program, the mentees obtain a mentor such as Ms. Davidson Drantch, as well as gain access to the broader Moxxie community

According to Moxxie Network Founder and President Beth Meixner, “When my niece graduated from college and had difficulty finding a job, I invited her to our Moxxie events so she could meet people. I soon realized that we should have helped her while she was still in school so that by the time she graduated, she would have a leg-up on the competition and know how to network and be more confident in business situations including interviews.”

Continued Ms. Meixner, “We have workshops on Dressing for Success and field trips to let the students meet successful women representing diverse industries and leading organizations such as MacArthur Airport where they met Teresa Rizzuto, the first female Commissoner; Deutsch Inc., Donny Deutsch’s famous advertising agency and the WABC television news studio.” Other components of the Moxxie Network Mentor Program for mentees include monthly email discussions with their mentors and attendance at various business and networking meetings accompanied by their mentors.

The mentees aren’t the only ones benefitting from Moxxie Network’s Mentor Program. Ms. Davidson Drantch gained an important insight from her mentee.

“Speaking with Paula always brings me back to college and that ‘world is my oyster’ feeling that the possibilities are endless,” she said. “I had forgotten what that feeling is like because I think, as we get further on in our careers, in some instances, we become more adverse to risk. Working with a college student, and Paula in particular, has reminded me lately that I should not be so set in my ways or adverse to certain risks and experiences.”

Ms. Davidson Drantch continued, “I have met interesting people from varied business background whom I never see at my other networking/business events. The events are unique and not only help in business, but there is always a personal take-away, as well.”

For Davidson Drantch, Moxxie Network’s Mentor Program also has significance to her own professional role at Alcott HR Group, a human resources service provider that recognizes the importance of nurturing human capital.

“A workforce can only be properly developed when higher level employees are willing to share their knowledge, experience and life’s lessons. When employees and executives act like islands, very little gets accomplished, there is no continuum of effort and there is no sense of trust, which are alls crucial elements in any successful business,” added Ms. Davidson Drantch.

Currently, Moxxie Network has approximately 100 members. While it is a women’s organization, Ms. Meixner is quick to point out that, “We are definitely not anti-men. In fact, each April, we host our BYOM (Bring Your Own Man) Dinner where women bring a male business colleague. It’s a really fun night!”

For more information about Moxxie Network and its Mentor Program, visit: www.moxxienetwork.com

Pictured here (left to right) are: Moxxie Network "Mentee of the Year" Paula Scuharski, "Mentor of the Year" Dawn Davidson Drantch, and Moxxie Network Founder and President Beth Meixner.


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