Discounted Movie Tickets


Enjoy Big Savings to The Biggest Movie Chains

One of the most popular Alcott After Hours Marketplace programs is our discount movie ticket offering. After all, who doesn’t want to relax after a hard week on the job and escape a little with a good movie, a good friend and some good popcorn?

We offer discount movie ticket purchases to the largest movie chains, and there’s sure to be a movie in your area you just can’t wait to see. Here is a list of theater chains available:

  • Regal Entertainment Group Theatres (including AMC Theatres): $8.00 per ticket
  • AMC Theaters/Lowes $8.00 per ticket
  • Multiplex Showcase $8.25 per ticket

* Restrictions may apply. See order form for details.

You can order your tickets by clicking here for a printable Web form (Adobe Reader is required). Please complete it and return it to the contact person listed on the form.