National Employee Appreciation Day

March 7, 2014 is National Employee Appreciation Day, an annual day that aims to draw attention to honoring employees for their contributions to the success of the organization. Employee recognition should not be confined to only one day and as we approach this annual day of recognition, Alcott HR thought that we would share some ideas on how to have a successful, inexpensive recognition program. March 7th would be a great day to kick off year round programs!

What type of recognition works for employees? A simple word of encouragement or appreciation from the boss can be a great morale booster. It doesn’t have to be expensive to show appreciation. Remember, when it comes to recognition, it is the attention given that matters. A simple message to employees that you recognize their hard work, contributions, success on a project, etc is very effective. The more specific you can be with your recognition the more effective it can be.

You may choose to survey your workforce to find out what matters to them most. Below are a few ideas to get you started:
o A handwritten note from a manager thanking an employee for going above and beyond
o Employee of the month parking spot
o Lunch with an Executive
o Treat the staff with bagels and coffee for breakfast or order pizza for lunch
o Provide a nominal gift card with a personal note for each employee
o Ice cream social
o Prize drawings
o Casual dress day
o Family fun day

Someone in your organization should champion these efforts and continued commitment of the entire organization will help to ensure success, with management and executive involvement being critical.
For ideas on additional inexpensive perks that may work for your organization, visit here.

Fun Fact:  National Employee Recognition Day was established by Dr. Bob Nelson, author of the well known book, 1001 Ways to Reward Employees. Visit


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