Why Outsource

Companies don’t outsource to save money – they outsource to make money.

Survey results reveal that executives are outsourcing for the control it gives them over business outcomes, not simply as a cost-cutting measure. The critical areas are reliability, cost variability improvements and effective implementation of ideas.

Outsourcing HR and employer services to Alcott clearly addresses these goals:

Reliability: Being able to focus on your business with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a professional firm is handling every detail related to the employment side of your business.

Cost Variability Improvements: Being able to accurately budget for HR is a major improvement over the way HR is handled in most small and mid-sized businesses. Companies that don’t have a dedicated HR cost center generally have little idea of the REAL costs associated with this process. Remember – if it can’t be measured, then it is probably out of control.

Effective Implementation of Ideas: Getting the right advice and implementing the best possible policies are critical to the success of your business. They affect employee morale, hiring and retaining great employees, workplace safety, protection from lawsuits and regulatory compliance. Alcott’s team of HR, Benefit, Payroll and Risk Management professionals gives you the resources of a big-company HR department for a cost scaled to the size of your business.

Clearly – Outsourcing to Alcott puts control back into your hands.

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