Client Quotes

” I could never understand why any employer would ever want to do on their own what Alcott does. They make it easier for me to be in business and I would never go back to the way it was before.”

Gary Krupp, President,
Pave the Way Foundation

“Without the human resource services and benefits provided by Alcott, we would not be effectively competitive in recruiting the best personnel possible and doing it without Alcott would cost us a whole lot more.”

Norman Hecht, President,
Norman Hecht Research

“Alcott provides our organization with a range of benefits that we ordinarily would not be capable of providing. The choices they offer enable us to attract and retain the skilled people that are essential for our continued success.”

Andrew Musci, President,
Altel Systems Inc.

“My Vice-President of Finance used to have to spend considerable time understanding the complexities and dynamic changes of employee benefits, employment law, and other employee related subjects. With a comprehensive resource such as Alcott in our corner, he can focus on those areas which most demand his attention and corporate finance expertise.”

Steve Barre, President,
Servo Corporation

“Since I don’t have to think about the personnel administration, I am able to focus on delivering the best possible care to my patients. In addition, the benefit package I am able to offer employees through Alcott is the key to hiring the best people available I the industry.”

Bruce Chung, M.D., Owner,
City Care

“Alcott is a lifesaver! They give me the support staff, infrastructure and benefits of a much larger corporation. As a marketing and product development company, this allows me the time to focus on building my business and the business of my clients. The benefits and service the employees receive through Alcott has been great for morale”

Denise DeBaun Group