Accredited By ESACAlcott HR is a member of The Employer Services Assurance Corporation (E.S.A.C). E.S.A.C was established in 1995 and has become the nationally recognized entity for providing financial assurance as well as establishing responsibility standards and certification for the PEO industry.

E.S.A.C’s Client Assurance Program provides clients of participating PEOs with verifiable assurance that the certified PEO is meeting important industry standards and is financially responsible. E.S.A.C members are continuously monitored for adherence to important financial, ethical and operational standards. E.S.A.C provides clients of member firms with access to E.S.A.C’s website so that they may verify the PEOs performance of key employer responsibilities, as well as financial assurance of that performance.

Financial assurance is provided through surety bonds held on behalf of each E.S.A.C member by the Employer Services Trust with a major national bank serving as trustee. Clients of E.S.A.C members also have the assurance of ongoing monitoring and verification of the member’s adherence to important industry standards. Compliance with these standards is reviewed by E.S.A.C’s board of directors which is comprised of industry leaders, distinguished former regulators and independent professional advisers.

For additional information, please visit the E.S.A.C website at: http://www.peoreliability.org/alcotthr

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