Organizational Structure

Upon entering into a co-employment relationship with Alcott, your dedicated HR team is only a phone call away. Unlike other PEOs that assign a liaison or call center to answer your questions, here at Alcott each department is available to you as if they were working from within your organization. Your questions are answered directly by a service team manager, ensuring the information is accurate and timely. We don’t believe our clients should have to go through multiple phone calls to get the answers they need, we send them straight to the source.

Our service team members are specialists in their fields and hold many degrees and/or certifications. Click on each department below to learn more about the individual members who make up the Alcott HR Group service team.


Holly Nowak Director of Human Resources, Western NY Division

Bob Chanin Director of Human Resources, Farmingdale HQ


Athena People Payroll Manager, Farmingdale HQ


John Bradley Director of Operations and Sales, Western NY Division

Al Anastasi Director of Sales & Marketing, Farmingdale HQ

Dawn Davidson Drantch In House Counsel, Farmingdale HQ


Bob Byrnes Risk Manager, Farmingdale HQ

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